Back in my earliest days on the road as a 4WD journo I used to do a fair bit of caravan work too, that’s how I met Lindi and Allan Rush who import and demonstrate the Thermal Cookware range and got to try their incredible range of gear. I also got to eat plenty of meals along the way too – Lindi’s an incredible cook!

So much so that you’ll often find me hanging around the Thermal Cookware stand at the big shows, especially at lunch time. But what proved it for me was the fact that I’ve been carrying a Thermos Shuttle Chef ever since in both Milo for work trips and our family trucks for fun trips too. All those miles and yes, they look battered, but they’ve survived brilliantly and turned out some incredible feeds along the way too.

Versatile and Simple

The six litre dual pot model means I can cook a curry and the rice at the same time, prepping it up over the breakfast stove and then eating a perfect meal at dinner. It’s my favorite but we use the four litre single pot model too, mostly for storing good hot food on long family trips so we can enjoy quick and tasty meals without ever going the muck they churn out at fast food joints. I love using these products so much I helped Alan design the thermo bags for them years ago too – with just enough room for a few beers in the top….

Problems? Nope, never, other than I usually have to rescue my Shuttle Chefs from the Handbrake’s kitchen before every trip. Yep, she loves using them in the kitchen too!

Like anything good there’s plenty of imitations but you can’t beat the original for total quality and excellence of design. I’ve used some of the other stuff for various tests and it’s long gone. Go the best, forget the rest and enjoy a lifetime of enjoying really good food on the move!