Marks 4WD

No serious off-roader has to be convinced of the benefits of running lower low range gearing. Standard vehicles come with gearing suited to the usual pursuits of pulling boats up ramps or allowing casual drivers a bit more control off-road but they don’t allow for the sort of things some of us like to tackle! You know, the really tight rock stuff and the extra steep scrabbles to the top.

Enter Marks4WD and their fantastic low range transfer case reduction gears. Originally engineered by Mark French, a mate of mine and also one of the sharpest engineers in the off-road world, these kits give you the ability to tackle the toughest stuff with a measure of control. And they have heaps of extra benefits too, especially if you’re running larger tyre sizes.

So having witnessed where a vehicle could go with them and the damage caused by not having them for many years I put a set in Milo even though the old Toyotas come with a much better low range than most of the modern offerings. The result? I’d reckon Milo’s off-road ability increased by at least as much as the gearing dropped the speed to engine revs. Hills that’d cause stalls or slips from having to be tackled at speed suddenly could be crawled safely.


There were heaps of additional benefits too like an engine that wasn’t working as hard so it kept it’s cool no matter how tough things got and most importantly, the incredible difference in control when dropping down steep descents. From a safety aspect alone Marks4WD transfer case reduction gearing is awesome.

There’s lots of choices available to suit different uses and driving styles but all I can say is whatever you do, these gears are going to make you look better doing it! I know, after proving their longevity in Milo I fitted a set to the Red Truck and you can bet there’ll be a kit going into Milo 2 too!