I’ve always used Flashlube’s valve saver in my petrol motors because even ‘unleaded’ motors benefit from valve and top end lubrication. It’s worked, my 1984 Harley has over 750,000km on several clocks. Same with their diesel fuel conditioner which – along with Flashlube’s fuel filter/water separator units – has cleaning up the crappy outback diesel and kept Milo’s pump and injectors running sweet for over half a million kilometres!

With the Caravan mag we ran several long distance towing test with my diesel 80 Series and found that Flashlube added to the fuel resulted in better mileage by 4% on average. That 1HZ is turboed and currently has over 540,000km on the clock.

It wasn’t until I blew a big end and piston about 1800kms from home that I realised how good Flashlube’s heavy duty oil stabiliser is though. Yep, I tipped half a bottle into the engine and with a container strapped to the breather to collect the blow by that motor ran all the way home. It didn’t look good, but it was still running.

So I don’t go anywhere without Flashlube. Unlike other products in their niche, Flashlube is developed and made here in Australia to suit the toughest conditions on earth. And if you’ve got a common rail diesel and aren’t running a Flashlube catch can, you’re going to be in for some big bills from that high tech motor gunking up on fumes.

It’s simple. Flashlube products are the cheapest insurance you can get for an engine.