So a few years ago John from Black Duck came along to the kick off of a Roothy’s LowRange trip down in Victoria because his company was sponsoring the trip.

“G’day Roothy,” he said, as we shook hands on a cold Melbourne morning, “just wanted to fit a new set of our Black Duck seat covers to Milo before you head out. I reckon you’ll love these, they’re strong and practical and about the toughest thing around, just like Milo…”

“Don’t need ’em John” I said, and he looked disappointed. “Because there’s nothing wrong with the old ones mate, even after a decade of really hard work.”

I swung Milo’s door open to show Josh the old Black Ducks I’d bought and fitted almost ten years before. The canvas certainly looked polished around the driver’s bum area – hey, you would too if I sat on you for that long – but apart from that there was no fraying, no rips and nothing but the stains you’d expect from a bloke who’s had more than one meal on the road.

John laughed and said we’d fit the new ones anyway, if for no other reason than the Black Duck logo had changed size and the new ones were even better than the old.

Look, if that decade of Milo type abuse doesn’t prove it, then the fact that Black Duck’s canvas is way more comfortable than vinyl should. Black Duck have been making and perfecting protective seat covers for over 25 years. They’re big suppliers to the mining industry and the choice of serious commercial users too.

And, like so many of the products I’m now free to recommend, I was using them because I knew they were the best way before they gave me a set! Black Duck – another great Aussie product.

Why choose Black Duck Seat Covers?

With the durable canvas or denim seat covers, Black Duck provide you with a peace of mind because your vehicle always looks good as well as returning that extra value at resale. These exceptional products serve as a genuine investment for your vehicle and ensure the lifespan of your original seats is prolonged for as long as possible. Any seat fades and accumulates blemishes or stains over time, maintain the aesthetic appeal of your interior by utilising stain resistant covers which are easy to clean and made to be tough.

Black Duck’s car seat covers cater for a wide range of specifications with an excess of 1,070 seat cover patterns, and the list continues to expand everyday as their Research and Development team work to keep up with the latest releases. Black Duck offer various seat cover patterns for passenger and commercial vehicles covering a wide range of industries and they’re available right across Australia.