SnoMaster Australia Warranty Policy

To register your SnoMaster Australia Warranty you can complete the online registration form available here or send in the completed warranty registration form that came with your product along with a copy of your proof of purchase to: Warranty Dpt., SnoMaster Australia, 14 Cessna Street, Marcoola, QLD 4564, Australia.

SnoMaster Australia products have been tested by SnoMaster before delivery.

SnoMaster Australia warrants to the end-user that this SnoMaster product is free from defects in material workmanship, for the period commencing from the date of purchase.  The warranty period is 7 years on the 12V DC Compressor, 3 years on the 240V only Compressor and 2 years on all other parts.

SnoMaster Australia warrants the repair or replacement free of charge, of any part of the appliance which in their opinion is defective due to faulty componentry.  Repairs may be undertaken in their factory or by an Authorised Repair Agent . SnoMaster Australia will not be held liable for any transport, courier, postage or delivery expenses of the product incurred by the customer.

Specifically EXCLUDED for the warranty is:

  1. This warranty does not cover accidental damages due to incorrect handling, normal wear and tear, faulty installation, misuse, dirt/neglect, rodent/insect infestation, connection to incorrect voltages and acts of god.
  2. The appliance must be used for purposes in accordance with the instructions stated in the owner’s manual.
  3. The warranty will be rendered invalid if the product has been tampered with or altered in any way, or the serial number has been altered, defaced or removed.
  4. The warranty will be rendered invalid if unauthorised repairs are attempted.
  5. Any repairs done at any unauthorised repair agent; labour and parts will be for the customers account.                                

Kindly retain your original PURCHASE INVOICE, Receipt or HP agreement to enforce this warranty.  Failure to produce your purchase invoice, till slip or HP agreement will result in a charge being levied for work done, even if the appliance is claimed to be within the warranty period.

The warrantor SnoMaster does not accept responsibility for:

  1. Liability and consequential damage in respect of loss or expenses arising from malfunction of this appliance.
  2. Freight/Courier costs or damage which may be incurred during transit to and from our designated service agent or our Head Office
  3. Repair to appliance on which modifications or repairs have been carried out by persons not specifically nominated by the warrantor as being authorized SnoMaster Personnel/Agent.

SnoMaster will not accept any responsibility or liability for consequential loss or damage caused by or due to failure of operation or malfunction of the product, or arising from the use of the product.