Lubrication, Corrosion Protection, Degreasing

- Great for parts & good for the planet -

Lanotec Products are natural, biodegradable and trusted throughout Australia for over twenty years.  The high-performance corrosion protection and lubrication provided by Lanotec is perfect for your 4WD, camper trailer, caravan or boat, in fact pretty much anything will benefit from a good dose of Lanotec. Plus the amazing Citra-Force is the ultimate biodegradable degreaser for parts, engines and vehicle underbodys.

Steel Seal

Steel Seal is a high-performance corrosion inhibitor that hermetically seals surfaces and is Ideal for protection of 4WDs and light vehicle underbody, chassis rails, jet skis, trailers and all marine motors. It has a high resistance to salts and acid so is perfect for vehicles that spend time on the beach. Steel Seal is non-evaporative,resists high pressure wash off, chipping and flaking and yet is still derived from natural, sustainable ingredients so you don’t have to worry about contaminating your favouring camping spot or beach.

Take you pick from either the 750ml handy spray pack, the 3L bottle, 5L bottle or the 20L drum.  For a 4 door 4WD wagon, a 5L drum will be enough for about 3 full underbody treatments including inside and out of the chassis rails.

Heavy Duty Lanolin

Liquid Heavy Duty Lanolin is a lubricant and corrosion inhibitor capable of providing long-lasting lubrication for moving parts in highly-corrosive environments.  It is resistant to wash off and resists the corrosive effects of salt and acidic environments, but is fully biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable.

Heavy Duty Lanolin is non-conductive to 70 kV and provides protection of all electrical equipment on machinery e.g. battery terminals, boxes and connectors. 

Take your pick from either the 750ml handy spray pack, the 5L bottle or the 20L drum.

General Purpose Lanolin

Lanolin General Purpose is a penetrant, lubricant and corrosion inhibitor that penetrates deep through rust and frees up rusted tools and components, and can be used as a lubricant for drilling, tapping and machining.  Lanolin General Purpose cleans, rejuvenates and extends the life of metal, timber, vinyl, plastic, rubber, leather, fibreglass and powder coated surfaces. It also protects electrical equipment and components.

Lanolin General Purpose is resistant to wash off and resists the corrosive effects of salt and acidic environments, but is fully biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable.  The product is non-evaporative and hermetically seals surfaces.  You can choose from the handy 750ml Spray Pack right through to the 20L drum depending on your needs.


The new Citra-Force formulation is a blend of organic solvents, citrus and coconut oils. It is a powerful cleaner and degreaser for use around workshops and wash bays and a machinery and plant cleaner. Citra-Force cleans stainless steel and aluminium without streaking as well as cleaning of electrical components and rewinds.

Designed to remove Lanotec lanolin based products and capable of so much more, Citra-Force is ideal for degreasing vehicles, as well as catering, workshop floors, pet stables, toilets, bathrooms, BBQ’s, tiles and ovens. It removes wax, tar, oil, uncured silicone, grease, thread dope, bugs, fresh paint, adhesives and electrical carbon. 

Depending on you needs, you can get Citra_Force in sizes from the 750ml Spray Pack up to the 20L drum.

Spray Packs

The Lanotec Spray Bottles are perfect for getting your Lanotec liquid products right where they are needed.  The bottles have a built in pressure pump and most important a directional nozzle enabling you to get into those hard to get at places like inside chassis rails.


  • A stainless steel extension and viton seals
  • An adjustable brass nozzle with180° movement
  • Tick boxes for indicating which Lanotec product is in the bottle
  • Adjustable brass spray nozzle for mist to stream

Type ‘A’ Grease

Type A Grease is a high performance anti-seize grease that is a certified food-grade lubricant grease, prevents galling and electrolysis, can be used as a rubber grease and assembly lubricant, or a dielectric grease for multi-pin plugs (to 70kV), and even as a drilling and cutting compound.

Type A Grease Applications

  • Suitable for nuts, bolts, shackles and threaded rod
  • Ideal for multi-pin connectors, electrical components, rubber hoses, linkages, pivot pins, bushes, timber screws and timber end grains