Darwin Unplugged Movie

Twin Disc DVD Set – $15 + P&H

Darwin Unplugged Movie

Digital Download  – $10 + P&H

Roothy Bush Cooking Book #1

Signed Copy Online Only – $27.50 + P&H

Roothy Bush Cooking Book #2

Signed Copy Online Only – $27.50 + P&H

Milo - In The Beginning

Signed Copy Online Only – $30 + P&H

Roothy - Out Of Range

Signed Copy Online Only – $35 + P&H

Milo Air Tyre Deflator

Top quality. reliable, & strong – $49.50 + P&H

Roothy - Beard Oil

Indulge your beard – $32.95 +P&H

Bush Cook Cutlery Roll

Stainless Steel Cutlery Roll – $89 + P&H

Roothy Stubby Cooler

Neoprene stubby cooler with fully glued base – $11 +P&H

Lanotec Products

Natural, biodegradable and trusted throughout Australia for more than twenty years.  The high-performance corrosion protection provided by Lanotec is perfect for your 4WD, camper trailer, caravan or boat, in fact pretty much anything will benefit from a good dose of Lanotec. Plus the amazing Citra-Force is the ultimate biodegradable degreaser for parts, engines and vehicle underbodys.

Shuttle Chef

Check out the awesome Roothy Proven special packages that we have put together on the Shuttle Chef with the team from Thermal Cookware. You can get the 4.5 litre and 6 litre products plus heaps of extras like the Padded Carry Bag, and extra pots.  Plus all Roothy specials come with the Roothy Bush Cooking Book #1 and the Freedom With Flavour cookbook.

Top End Campgear

The team at Top End Campgear have it covered when it comes to bush cooking equipment.  The combined Fire Pits with BBQ plates are a portable/collapsible solution when you need a camp fire off the ground. The Cobber Qube is possibly the ultimate 4-in-1 bush cooking gadget, a real must have.  The unique portable and compact Camp Kitchens are an ideal solution for a touring kitchen setup and come in either powder coated aluminium or stainless steel.

Ignite LED Headlights

These LED headlight inserts have incredible output and a low current draw and they have stood up to the abuse that Milo has thrown at them.  Low beam is emitted from the single Philips LED in the centre with Ignite patented TIR Lens technology providing the High beam and park lamp functions via the 6 Cree LED’s around the outside. They are IP68 rated as well.

SnoMaster Portable Fridge Freezers

Designed and developed in South Africa, SnoMaster have some of the toughest portable fridge/freezers available and  deliver unrivalled performance and energy efficiency. All fridges in the SnoMaster range use the world famous SnoMaster 66 Watt Compressor, which when combined with high density Polyurethane insulation encased in the stainless steel body gives these fridge freezers a real edge.  Full copper coils in the walls and floor ensure rapid cool down and even temperatures, 

Ultimate Recovery Gear

Of all 4WD accessories, recovery gear is the one area where quality really counts, and where you need to know that your equipment won’t let you down.  This selection of recovery equipment is all based on a 4:1 safety factor rather than the usual 3:1 and has all been rate tested to establish breaking strains.  With high quality webbing, protective sheaths and reinforced protective end loops, this recovery equipment won’t let you down.

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