Shuttle Chef 6L Package


Get Shuttle Chef 6L with two 3L Inner pots, Thermal Carry Bag & Cutting Board, Freedom With Flavour’ cookbook, signed copies of Roothy’s Bush Cooking books 1 & 2, for $435 + P&H.

Thermal Cookware – Shuttle Chef 6L Package

What you get

This awesome Shuttle Chef 6L Standard package is covered by the Thermos 5 year warranty and  includes:

  • the 6 litre Shuttle Chef Outer Thermal container
  • two 3 litre inner multi-layered stainless steel saucepans with a carbon steel plate sandwiched into the heavy stainless steel base.
  • the Padded Carry Bag specially designed for the Shuttle Chef, including the custom 13mm cutting board
  • the Freedom with Flavour Cooking book specifically written for the Shuttle Chef
  • signed copies of Roothy’s Bush Cooking Cookbook #1 and #2

Shuttle Chef 6L Package Product Details

6L Shuttle Chef Outer Carry Container

Unbeatable performance featuring exclusive Thermos TherMax vacuum insulation – Thermos’ very best.  The outer 6L carry container has a patented vacuum chamber between two walls of stainless steel ensuring the very best insulation available. You simply cannot buy another product of this size and type with better hot and cold keeping performances.-THERMOS guarantee it. Hottest Hot. Coldest Cold.  The 6L outer container can hold either two 3L saucepans (included in the package) or one 6L inner saucepan (not included in this package) The Thermos Shuttle Chef’s patented Thermax vacuum technology which virtually eliminates temperature change by creating an airless vacuum space between two stainless steel walls. The result is an insulation layer that performs better than any other. This excellent insulation means there is only a heat loss of 3 to 4 degrees Centigrade per hour.


Two 3L Inner Pots

The two 3 litre stainless steel inner pots fit perfectly inside the 6L Shuttle Chef outer container.  The saucepans are multi-layered stainless steel with a carbon steel plate sandwiched in the base for high lateral heat conductivity and maximum heat retention. This provides a very even heat distribution and maintains temperatures for a long time (this is the secret to successful Thermal Cooking).  The pan is also suitable for all stove tops including the new Induction Elements.

Padded Carry Bag & Cutting Board

This bag is manufactured from a heavy weight material and has insulating padding to ensure that your Shuttle Chef is protected.  The bag has 50 mm wide shoulder straps and strong metal attachment clips.  There is also 75 mm separate padded section on the top to carry your accessories (plates etc.). The special 13 mm cutting board has been designed to fit in the base of the Padded Carry Bag to support the Shuttle Chef……This was a specific customer request as many customers found that the legs on the bottom of the Shuttle Chef would indent into the soft base of the carry bag when traveling over rough and corrugated roads.  In addition to this when you are using the Carry Bag as a cooler bag the cutting board will support loose bottle of wine and beverages excellently.

Freedom WIth Flavour Cookbook

This is a 150 page full colour recipe book that has been specifically compiled for the Shuttle Chef. The images of the meals are “REAL” and have been left cooking in the Shuttle Chef for at-least 8 hours so these are achievable results that are designed to inspire you to try different meals. The pages have been finished in a vinyl coating to allow you to wipe clean, and the book is spiral bound so that it can be folded back on itself when using it in cramped spaces.

Roothy’s Bush Cooking Books 1 and 2

These are signed copies of Roothy’s Bush Cooking Book #1  and #2  There are 100 pages in each book packed with great pictures, good yarns and of course heaps of awesomely tasty ‘Bloke Proof’ recipes, exactly what you have come to expect from Roothy.  The Roothy Bush Cooking Books are high quality publications with heavy weight covers and pages.  All covers and inside pages ar coated to provide protection against spills and stains, and to ensure that this is a long term feature in your camping kit.