Roothy DVD Digital Download – Darwin Unplugged


Roothy Movie – Digital Version – the local mob in Darwin wanted to take go bush and show off their country, in trucks they had built themselves. Roothy headed up in Milo, and for the first time ever the ‘Handbrake’ came along for the ride.  Yep there’s nothing ‘usual’ about this movie, and there’s no advertising, just pure entertainment. Even the music’s fair dinkum, thanks to eMDee’s didgeridoo and my old mates ‘The Giants’, one of Australia’s longest serving touring rock and roll bands.

What You get

With the Roothy DVD Digital Download you get access to two versions of the the Roothy DVD – Darwin Unplugged.

  • Full High Definition MP4 Version – suitable for playing on TVs etc, there’s one HD format file for each of the DVD discs (disc 1 is 7.7GB and disc 6.6.5GB).
  • Mobile/Tablets MP4 Version –  suitable for playing on mobile phones and tablets/iPads, there is one mobile format file for each of the DVD discs (disc 1 is 2.9GB and disc 2 is 2.4GB).

You will have access to both versions and you can download them up to a maximum of 3 times through your account on the Roothy site.

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