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Milo Air Tyre Deflator

Milo Air Tyre Deflator is the best quality and value on the market. Tough brass body with shock resistant casing, very accurate gauge, unique dial, easy to use. This is the real deal at $49.50 +P&H or take advantage of additional discounts and get the Roothy DVD Darwin Unplugged or the awesome book “Milo – In The Beginning” which is the full story of Roothy’s original truck Milo and their adventures together touring Australia for over 20 years.

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Milo Air Tyre Deflator

The Milo Air Tyre Deflator is designed for the off-roader who demands the best. It’s well engineered with the right tolerances so it won’t jam with grit and sand. The unique dial provides guidance on the pressure ranges for different off-road conditions. The gauge is a Bourdon Tube type gauge, renowned for their accuracy and sensitivity to small pressure changes – just what you need when even 1 PSI can make a difference.  The hose connections are tough so it doesn¹t blow apart.

As anyone who enjoys going off road will tell you, the key to traction isn’t suspension lifts, diff lockers or even the type/brand of tyre you are using.  No, what ultimately clinches the deal when it comes to traction is the pressure you are operating your vehicle (and trailer) tyres at.  The ability to be able to quickly, accurately and reliably deflate your tyres is a fundamental part of the off-road experience.

Roothy Milo Air Rapid Tyre Deflator
Roothy Milo Air Rapid Tyre Deflator

Unique Gauge

The design of of the dial is unique to the Roothy Tyre Deflator providing guidance for different types of terrain and making it easier to read in low light conditions.

Roothy Milo Air Rapid Tyre Deflator

Stronger Ferrules

The ferrules on the hose connections is a frequent failure point, so we had these strengthened and lengthened to ensure that they won’t let you down.

Roothy Milo Air Rapid Tyre Deflator

Improved Engineering

To prevent sand and grit from entering the mechanism and causing issues with the deflation, we had the barrel and shaft re-engineerd to provide a smoother and more reliable operation.

Over the years I have pretty much used every type and make of tyre deflator and the difference in quality and performance is staggering.  There are so many cheap knock offs on the market that have issues with the accuracy of the pressure gauge, the durability of the fittings on the air line and the general manufacturing quality of the deflating mechanism.  That’s why I decide to go ahead and design and source my own Roothy Proven Milo Air Tyre Deflator, it has all the experience I have gained over the years built into the design and all of the issues with I have found other brands eliminated.

Roothy DVD – Darwin Unplugged

Talk about mixing work and pleasure, the Handbrake got the invite to Mark and Shay’s wedding and next thing I know we’re off in Milo to Darwin. For the first time ever you guys get to see exactly how mad Roothy’s life on the road can be.

 Once we got to Darwin the local mob wanted to take us bush to show off their country. How could we say no, even with the Wet season still hanging around like a giant wet spot? Talk about insane fun, this 2 disc DVD set show Aussie off-roaders the way we are – Penny punting the family 80, Dan taking his daughter Paige for the ‘play in the mud’ she loves, Chiz pulling some monumental efforts in a pretty basic Triton proving what knowledge of country and understanding your truck can do in the real world and Ben in the mighty GQ he and Mark built with a six inch lift.

 Yep there’s nothing ‘usual’ about these DVDs. Even the music’s fair dinkum, thanks to eMDee’s (that’s Mark who’ll you’ll see getting married!) didgeridoo and my old mates ‘The Giants’, one of Australia’s longest serving touring rock and roll bands. Strap yourself in and come along for the ride! Like the Handbrake says, this might be the most honest trip you’ll ever see. Me? I reckon you’ll love it!

Roothy’s Milo – In The Beginning

Finally! Yep, it’s the first ever fair dinkum Milo book and I’ve poured my heart and soul into doing it right for the little green 40 Series Toyota. Milo’s become a legend in Australia and overseas over the last twenty years trotting up some huge miles under some of the worst off-road conditions on earth. After getting me home from trips across the desert or through the snow for decades I can finally tell you how much Milo means to me. Now I’ve reached this stage of my career it’s time to let the world know the true story of Milo from behind the scenes.

‘Roothy’s Milo, In the Beginning’ is more than just the inside story on Milo, it comes with the thoughts on building her originally, family shots you’ve never seen, the building process itself and the tricks learnt along the way.

Some of this is specific to old Toyotas but most is relevant to any off-road truck. You’ll find out what broke, trackside fixes, what works and what didn’t, what’s her future and there’s even a chapter on what it’s really like driving Milo. For anyone who’s into serious four wheel driving, building or maintaining their own trucks or just the sheer joys of owning a machine long term, there are tips and techniques buried in these pages that you’ll never read anywhere else. I know I’ll be copping plenty of flack over some of the ideas put forward on these pages but in the final reckoning, a bloke’s got to write what he believes.