Heavy Duty Air Jack


Designed to be inflated from a pump/compressor or exhaust gas, the heavy duty air jack is ideal in situations where you need to lift your vehicle and do not have a hi-lift jack or where the ground is not suitable for using a hi-lift jack (e.g.: steep incline or boggy ground).  The air jack is made from toughened vinyl and comes with two protective heavy duty vinyl mats to shield the bag from sharp objects either on the vehicle or ground. The air jack has an overpressure safety valve and locking exhaust-fitting method.  For inflation using exhaust gas the inflation pipe is 5m in length and is fitted with a strong plastic cone at one end that fits over your vehicle’s exhaust. Alternatively there is is valve that can be used for inflation using a compressor or pump.

The Heavy Duty Air jack sets a new standard in convenience, with absolutely no specialised jacking points required and no need for mounting brackets or heavy base plates.

It should be noted that while this product is perfect for vehicle recovery, it should not be used for wheel changes or repairs where the user will underneath any part of the raised vehicle. In the unlikely event of failure to the air bag jack, deflation will be instantaneous and will provide no warning of the vehicle dropping. For any repairs of wheel changes, a solid fixed jack and appropriate safety stands should always be used.