Bush Cook Cutlery Roll


Get the Bush Cook Cutlery Roll 6 person stainless steel set on its own for just $89 or combine with the signed copies of the Roothy Bush Cooking cookbooks at a special combo discount.

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 Bush Cook Cutlery Roll & Bush Cooking Book Offer

You chance to get the awesome Bush Cook Cutlery Roll 6 person set by The Bush Company and get signed copies of the Roothy Bush Cooking cookbooks at a special discount rate.  You can buy the Bush Cook Cutlery Roll on its own for just $89 or you can add either of the awesome Roothy Bush Cooking Books for a total of $105 or add both Roothy Bush Cooking Book #1 and #2 for just $120.

Bush Cook Cutlery Roll

Typical of the tough as nails products that come from South Africa, the Bush Cook Cutlery Roll is made from heavy duty ripstop canvas and has two plastic clips with webbing loops and carry handle. The cutlery is all made in South Africa from high quality stainless steel that won’t degrade or rust.  There are dedicated pockets to keep the cutlery secure and a large flap that folds down over the cutlery to prevent it from sliding out.  The roll includes cutlery for 6 people and comes with a standard knife, a fork, a dessert spoon, spoon and a strong steak knife.

Bush Cook Cutlery Roll Features

  • 6 Standard knives
  • 6 Steak Knives
  • 6 Forks
  • 6 Dessert Spoons
  • 6 Tea Spoons
  • Heavy duty ripstop canvas
  • Strong plastic clips and webbing straps/carry handle

Roothy Bush Cooking Book 1

It was a while in the making but here it is, the first Roothy Bush Cooking book 1.  There’s 100 pages packed with great pictures, good yarns and of course heaps of awesomely tasty ‘Bloke Proof’ recipes, exactly what you have come to expect from Roothy.

The Roothy Bush Cooking Book is a high quality publication with heavy weight covers and pages.  All covers and inside pages ar coated to provide protection against spills and stains, and to ensure that this is a long term feature in your camping kit.

Signed copies are only available through the Roothy website, Roothy signs each copy personally on the inside front cover.

Roothy Bush Cooking Book 2

A lifetime in the making, Roothy Bush Cooking Book 2 is the 2nd in Roothy’s awesome bush cooking series.  There’s 100 pages packed with a bucket full of easy but awesome recipes loaded with fun and flavour.  As always the recipes and ideas in the book are totally bloke proof, and as I have said many times, if you can mix concrete then you can cook.

All copies purchased through the Roothy website are personally signed by Roothy on the inside front cover.